Contraception Misconceptions

Contraception Misconceptions

Becoming pregnant unintentionally can cause an extreme amount of stress, and can affect emotional and physical health. There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation out there about birth control. Read on for some of the most common myths about contraception.

I won’t be able to feel pleasure nearly as much if I use a condom.
This is a very popular myth and even those who rank high in the area of sex education tend to fall for it. It’s simply untrue.  One study showed that men felt the same amount of ease where orgasms and erections were concerned, with or without the use of a condom.

The pull-out method is just fine. I won’t get pregnant that way!
It’s very possible to get pregnant, even when the male pulls out before ejaculation.  Why?  Because ejaculate that contains sperm can make its way out before a man has an orgasm…which can lead to pregnancy.

There aren’t any female condoms available.
This might be what many believe, but it’s untrue.  Yes, most marketing is targeted towards men, advertising male condoms, but female condoms are also available.  These condoms have two rings at each end and are inserted into a female’s vagina.

Taking emergency contraceptives will allow me to have unprotected sex in the next 72 hours.
This is not true.  If you take an emergency contraceptive pill you can greatly lower your chance of pregnancy if you take it within 72 hours after sex.  One pill works for one session.

Using two condoms is better than one.
It’s actually less safe to use two condoms, as the friction created by having two can cause them to tear each one apart more easily and break the condoms.

Condoms can be reused if I wash them thoroughly.
Condoms are only meant to be used once.  It doesn’t matter how much you wash one, it’s not reusable. If you absolutely have no access to a new condom, refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse until you can get a new condom.  There are ways to have sex that use body parts other than the penis, so try some of those out.



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