Facts You’ll Love about the Female Condom

Facts You'll Love about the Female Condom

Female condoms are not as widely used or as well known as they should be.  It’s as if they’re a secret when they’ve actually been around for a couple of decades.  The chances are, the idea of being able to have your own form of contraception and not feel as if you have to rely on a male to use a condom is appealing.  The following are some facts about the female condom you’ll feel better knowing.

It’s a unique and powerful form of contraception for women.
The female condom is great because a woman is not only able to initiate protection with it (as she can with other forms of birth control), but she can also know that it’s the only method she can initiate use of with dual protection (from STIs and pregnancy).

Men often prefer a female condom.
Research has shown that men enjoy female condoms because they do not fit tightly on their penis and don’t seem to dull sensation like male condoms do.  Men also tend to appreciate the fact that they don’t have to be the only one ever responsible for wearing a condom.

Female condoms can make sex feel better.
It’s quite a juicy secret that female condoms have been known to increase pleasure during sex.  It can be in place before intercourse occurs and not halt the moment in any way.  Female condoms don’t have to be removed right after sex, so it’s possible to add more quality time in bed without worry.  And, as an added bonus, some female condoms are made with materials that transmit heat, so it feels even more natural than latex.

There are many types out there.
You can have your pick with female condoms.  The one most known is the FC2®, which is available worldwide.  There are female condoms being developed that will reduce costs and will be more accepted in general.  For example, a new one is being developed to be comfortable to both partners and easy to use.  There are female condoms that are latex-free and all of them are hormone-free.

It means less people are having unprotected sex.
Studies have shown that more people are having protected sex when female condoms are available.  It’s important to know not to use a female and male condom at the same time because the friction of the two together can cause one or both of them to break.


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