Pregnancy Orgasms Are Simply Amazing

Pregnancy Orgasms Are Simply Amazing

Many women don’t feel particularly sexy during pregnancy or even sexual in general.  There are some things that are unique about the way a woman can experience orgasm while she’s pregnant that are quite exciting.  Read on and see if you might find yourself in a better mood about having sex when you’re pregnant. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Orgasms don’t interfere with a healthy pregnancy.
It doesn’t matter if you’re using dildos, vibrators, your own fingers or your partner’s, or having ‘regular’ intercourse, orgasms are great and safe.  Just be careful if you’re at risk of placental bleeding or premature birth.  Your doctor has probably already advised you to avoid an orgasm in certain special cases.

Orgasms can feel even more amazing during pregnancy.
Pregnancy orgasms can feel better and more intense due to increased blood flow to sex organs during that time.  Many women say that their orgasms are extra exciting through the breastfeeding phase.

A woman’s belly changes shape during orgasm.
Sometimes a woman’s belly looks pointed or triangular when the muscles of the abdomen and uterus contract.  The point might be to her side or in the middle, and there’s nothing to be alarmed about when this happens–it’s normal!

It’s normal for a pregnant woman to have cramps after an orgasm.
Women typically feel some cramps in the uterus after an orgasm, which are uterine contractions. They’ve always occurred, but are sometimes only noticeable during pregnancy.  It’s possible that they’ll feel somewhat like menstrual cramps during pregnancy and intensity varies.

Pregnancy can sometimes make it easier to have an orgasm.
Many women report that they can achieve an orgasm more easily during pregnancy and some say they have done so without any physical stimulation.  They are ahead of the game already because blood flow to the genitals is already checked off on their steps towards reaching climax.  Some women find that they have a more difficult time reaching orgasm during pregnancy because the position that works for them isn’t possible for them to get into.  They also may report that during late pregnancy their orgasms feel more dull or that they’re no longer able to have one.  This is natural due to the contraction limitations of the uterus when the baby is there.

Hopefully these facts will encourage you to possibly have the best sex of your life when you thought that maybe you shouldn’t even bother.  Sex during pregnancy is way underrated. Some women experience long-term effects with their ability to achieve orgasm more easily after they’re pregnant!


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