Reasons for a Low Sex Drive Explained

Reasons for a Low Sex Drive Explained

There’s a chance that you are one of many who have a low sex drive.  It’s possible that you can’t remember the last time you felt ‘turned-on’ and rather than initiate any type of sexual activity, you’d rather roll over and turn out the light before dozing off.  There are many reasons that you may have a low sex drive.  Listed are the some of the main possibilities.

Trouble with your relationship
It’s important to get your relationship back on track to feel better about sexual intimacy with your partner.  Women are more in need of emotional intimacy in a relationship in order to also feel sexually fulfilled.  Communication, faithfulness (if you’re in a monogamous relationship) and fewer arguments need to happen before the sex drive can be back to normal.

You’re stressed out
Sexual activity is not an area where performing under pressure typically works out.  Counseling in order to learn stress management is a possibility, even for couples.  Eating well and getting enough sleep are very important to maintain a certain calmness in life.  If you feel like you have a sleep disorder of some kind, see a doctor to get testing and treatment.

It seems like alcohol gets people in the mood, and that might work temporarily.  But, in the long run it only serves to lower the libido, especially if it’s something you feel like you need to feel sexually excited. Dependence on other drugs can have the same effect as alcohol in this regard.

Prescription medication
So many medications come with unfortunate sexual side effects.  Speak with your doctor to see if there are different medications you can take or if you can get a prescription for a lower dosage if you believe medication is the culprit.

Poor body image
You’re not confident and feel unattractive to your partner, even when it’s untrue.  Maybe you think your breasts are too big or small.  Men are often unconfident about their penis size.  Your poor self-image can damage your sex life.  Seek counseling from a therapist who specialises in sex issues.

Body weight
Obesity is a problem when it comes to sexual performance and libido.  Low self-esteem, physical performance and social problems related to weight can lead to a low sex drive.  Losing weight is important for many health reasons, including a better sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction
When men have problems getting or maintaining an erection it can affect their sex life and drive tremendously.  Medications for ED can be prescribed by a physician for this purpose and significantly improve the sexual experience when taken.

Emotional problems
Not only does depression kill a person’s sex drive, its treatment, antidepressants, are often terrible for libido.  It’s very important to see a doctor and/or therapist to treat depression before trying to tackle sex drive issues.


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