Tips for Proper Vaginal Hygiene

Tips for Proper Vaginal HygieneMost women do not know what proper vaginal hygiene is or how to keep their vagina healthy.  Fortunately though, by following a few helpful tips, you can be well on your way to resting assured that your vagina is being taken care of the safe and healthy way. The vagina itself is a self-cleaning area in your body.  However, it may be useful to support its cleaning process with external help and routines to keep you infection free, but as far as lathering it with smell-good products, this is a no-go.

The smell
Every vagina has a smell. There is not one vagina that is completely odorless.  The smell that it has is a natural odor, mainly coming from the outer parts of the vaginal regions.  If your vagina ever smells fishy, then that is a sign of infection and you should seek treatment from your physician.

Wear the right clothes
When getting dressed, it is a good idea to make sure your skin is completely dry.  If it’s wet, this can cause irritation and discomfort.  And while tight panties may look sexy, looser fitting ones will help you avoid irritated skin around your vagina, especially if you have just shaved or waxed.

Do not stretch your intimate area
By stretching your intimate areas, you can cause damage to your skin and that can make the area more vulnerable to infections.  This means straddling the bar stool all night while getting tipsy at your favorite bar on Friday night isn’t a good idea.

The vagina does not need to smell like flowers
Products that contain perfume are not meant to be used in the intimate area.  Fragrance wipes, talcum powder, and deodorants contain chemicals that can cause irritation and burning sensations.  So even if you pick up a pack of strawberry-smelling vaginal wipes, you might want think twice about using them.


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