Why You Should Be Having More ‘Naughty’ Sex with the Lights On


It seems pretty common to have sex with the lights off or dimmed, doesn’t it?  Is mood lighting (dim lights) really the best choice to get us in the actual mood?  An extremely excited state?  If we try something different, by the flick of a switch we might find that we’ve opened up an entirely new and exciting part of our relationship we’ve been missing out on the whole time.  Seeing your lover in the flesh during lovemaking could bring the two of you closer together, physically and emotionally.  It pushes you to let go and devour every moment of sex.  Do you think you’re ready?  Read on if you need some convincing reasons to show you why sex with the lights on can be so beneficial.

You can bring out the secret voyeuristic tendencies in yourself.

Even though it is well known that men are extremely visual, women have that in them, too. Watching her partner kiss every inch of her body can be quite a turn on for her and make sex that much better when the foreplay ends.

Genuine connections occur.

This is what happens when you’re making love and connecting with your partner on physical and emotional levels.  Otherwise, you are feeling pleasure that the physical sensations of sex provide, but with the lights off you’re more disconnected from what could be a genuinely beautiful experience.

You can see what’s happening.

Rather than kissing the wrong part of your partner’s body, you can gently caress, lick and suck any area of the body you choose with confidence.  Observe the expression on your lover’s face; learn what feels pleasurable to them by witnessing their reactions.

Your lover wants to be visually stimulated.

Magazines, porn and whatever else there is…they indulge in them and you do, too.  We find others sexy and enjoy looking at them, so why not extend the same enjoyment towards our partner in bed? They want to see you as well.

You get to be an exhibitionist.

There’s something that feels deviant and naughty about having sex with the lights on.  Our partner can see everything moving and it can feel like a wild time in general.  It’s a great time to practice being uninhibited and learn what you like about your own body and the way it looks with your partner’s.


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