What You Need to Know about Masturbation

Woman lying on bed

Women masturbate.  It doesn’t matter what people think to the contrary, they do.  It’s not only gratifying, it also contributes to a more fulfilling sex life.  Knowing your body makes you feel more confident in bed.  There are some things that are less known about masturbation that are better off out in the open.

Those who have sex on a regular basis masturbate more often.

The more you have solo sex time, the more sex you seem to have than those who don’t masturbate as regularly.  It might seem more logical for the opposite to be true, but it’s not.

More women masturbate, but won’t admit they do.

The percentages that indicate this fact are outstanding.  People are even masturbating beginning in their teenage years.  Surveys indicate that before age 18, 80 percent of males have masturbated and 59 percent of females have pleasured themselves.

There’s not an age limit.

A Kinsey study found that more than half of those over 70 who were in a non-cohabitating relationship compared to 12.2 percent of married women masturbated.  And, about 30 percent of women between 60 and 69 who were in relationships had recently masturbated.

Some countries encourage daily masturbation for teenagers.

Outside of the US, that is.  The UK government joined other European countries to encourage teens to masturbate at least once daily, in 2009.  Health pamphlets read that masturbating is a right and it contributes to reducing teen pregnancy and STDs.

Masturbation wasn’t always so stigmatized.

For some today, masturbation will never be okay.  But, early Romans were very open about their sexuality.  A clay figurine showing a woman touching herself and loving it, existed as early as the 4th millennium BC.

It’s probably much clearer now that it’s not only okay to masturbate, but most people are doing it. That’s right:  young, old and in between.  Many women are keeping it a secret and attaching shame to a pleasurable, natural act.  There’s no need.  So, go masturbate!


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