Couples Who Sleep Well Together Are More Satisfied



Some couples have a few secrets to their happiness that many others could learn from. One thing that a majority have in common is shared bedtimes and synchronized alarm clocks. A study showed that the way couples sleep together is affected by how satisfied they are with their marriage.  The couples who participated showed that they were awake or asleep in their shared bed approximately 75 percent of the time.  The women who synced their sleep closer with their husbands’ felt more satisfaction in their marriage.

Study findings regarding sleep habits and relationships

  • Sleeping back-to-back –that is, rather than facing the same direction or each other, is best. This has been indicated in a recent study by University of Hertfordshire in the U.K. The same study also revealed that no matter the position, couples who sleep an inch apart are happier than those who sleep 30 inches apart.  Significantly more couples who touched their partners while falling asleep said they were satisfied in their relationship than those who didn’t.
  • Getting a good night of sleep is essential. A night of poor sleep can cause problems in a relationship.  After a night of tossing and turning, couples are more likely to get into arguments the following day.  In addition, couples are less likely to be able to understand their partner’s emotions and think and feel more negatively, which makes conflicts more intense.  Another study revealed that not getting enough sleep can cause couples to be less appreciative towards each other and it shows the following day.
  • A study funded by the National Institutes of Health showed that women in marriages might be more vulnerable to the adverse effects caused by a lack of sleep than their husbands. Men aren’t as likely to start negative interactions with their wives after a night of poor sleep.

It appears that sleep is more important than merely being a personal health benefit.  Taking in some of these findings should be a helpful start towards improving your sleep habits, along with your partner’s, and ultimately improving your relationship satisfaction.


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