6 Reasons to Be Okay with Not Having Children

6 Reasons to Be Okay with Not Having Children

It’s not as easy to be an adult in society without kids as commonly assumed.  There are many couples who make the decision to avoid having children and find themselves facing disapproval and ridicule from friends, family and society in general.  It’s important that you read on, especially if you’re someone who has judged a person or couple negatively based on their decision to remain child-free. See why it’s perfectly okay to not want children.

You like to be independent

When you go on vacation, you’d rather not worry about screaming children or dirty diapers.  It’s nice to be able to wake up next to your lover and plan the day, not having to factor in a child’s needs.  You choose that and it’s okay.  If you want to go catch a movie or an outdoor concert in town, there’s no need to find a babysitter.  This is okay, too.

Your career is amazing

Maybe you have a career that wouldn’t even allow time for all that’s involved with raising a kid.  You love your career and want to keep moving forward.  There’s no need to be ashamed of thinking of yourself and your goals.

It’s not your thing

Maybe you’re not into having children because it’s simply not you.  You don’t get excited over cute little kid’s sneakers or baby showers.  You’d rather go have a drink with some friends or plan a European vacation.

You’re very busy

Perhaps you have a high profile job and can’t stay in one location for very long.  This makes it especially difficult to raise a child.  No one should try to stop you.  It’s your life.  If you know you’re better off not having kids, you’re the perfect person to make the decision not to.

You’re a night owl

You work late hours and are not a morning person.  Kids require someone to be up very early, and often all hours of the night, leading up to the wee hours.  The decision to forgo having children means you can keep doing what’s right for you.  Work late and sleep in, and remain guilt free for making that decision.

It’s difficult

Many who choose to remain childless know that’s it’s not easy.  The parenting role is one that requires a change in lifestyle and the ability to be selfless.  Not having children is a wise and responsible decision to make if you know this isn’t you.  Your life is rich and fulfilled in other ways.  The fact that there aren’t any children involved doesn’t make it less so, or less important.

There are a lot of reasons to decide not to have children.  It’s crucial to have an open and honest conversation with your partner before you become committed, especially in marriage.  You want to make sure you’re both on the same page!


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