Information About Menopause You Might Not Know

Information About Menopause You Might Not Know

We’ve all heard about what to expect during menopause: hot flashes, weight gain, low libido,etc.  None of it paints a pretty picture.  There are more side effects that aren’t discussed as much, some of them positive!  Following is some information about menopause that no one usually tells you.

Your heart might skip beats

It’s not as sweet as it sounds and doesn’t mean that you’re going to fall in love more.  Many perimenopausal women experience heart palpitations.  If they last for more than a few minutes and you experience shortness of breath or dizziness, it might be serious.

Bad cholesterol rises

Living in a healthy way leading up to menopause can prevent this, but it’s possible for LDL cholesterol (bad) to increase as estrogen decreases during menopause.  HDL cholesterol (good) will stay the same.

You won’t want to socialize as much

This could be more significant if you’ve been an extrovert for your entire life.  During menopause you might experience emotional shifts that affect your desire to socialize. You’ll prefer introspection.  It’s a great time for a woman to look after herself if she’s spent most of her life taking care of others.

It’s a ideal time to go green

Research indicates that chemicals in household products and on our food contain compounds that disrupt our hormones.  This is particularly damaging during menopause, when hormones are already in transition.  Be careful not to use products with parabens, BPAs and phthalates.

You’ll need a better moisturizer

Skin becomes more dry and flaky when estrogen levels and oil production dip. Heavy duty moisturizers and facial oils can help.  On the bright side, if you were more prone to acne, less oily skin may eliminate breakouts.

Hot flashes are longer than expected

They might actually keep you up in the night.  Keeping a lower temperature in your bedroom and wearing/lining your bed with breathable materials is a good idea.

Exercise will help a lot

Weight gain can very well happen during menopause, even if you’re a woman who eats well and exercises.  If you already exercise, don’t stop and perhaps you can increase your routine some.  If you don’t already exercise, make it a point to start.  Just power walking will do–it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Bad hair days will get worse

Hair loss and thinning hair are both symptoms of menopause.  You might also experience brittle and dry hair due to hormone fluctuations.  Stay away from chemical treatments and use mild shampoos and conditioners made for dry hair.

You might have a higher sex drive

Because you’ll have hormonal ups and downs, there will be certain times you’ll desire sex a lot more. You might feel like you’re not turned on in some ways due to vaginal dryness.  This is a problem that doesn’t tend to get better over time.  Invest in some good lube.  It will make sex feel as amazing as it should.


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