Is Bleeding or Spotting between Periods Normal?

Is Bleeding or Spotting between Periods Normal?

Many women would agree that bleeding for a few days during a specific time each month is plenty.  No more, please!  When spotting or bleeding between periods occurs, it can be frustrating or even frightening.  Your feeling about this will most likely depend on whether this is the first time you’ve experienced bleeding between periods.

What should be typically expected for menstrual bleeding?

Anywhere from four to five days is considered normal for menstrual bleeding.  Women lose about two to eight tablespoons of blood during this time, yet it tends to feel and look like more.  Normal menstruation can occur anywhere from 21-35 days.

When you should be concerned

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience bleeding when you’re postmenopausal or under 11 years of age.  Consult with your physician if you have vaginal bleeding between your normal periods.  Is the blood definitely coming from your vagina or might it be from your rectum or in your urine? These are good things to find out, if possible.

Some causes of irregular bleeding

Depending on the individual and their medical history, causes of bleeding between periods can vary. Some reasons include miscarriage, slight spotting from IUDs, vaginal injury, malignant cancers, normal spotting during ovulation, stress and low thyroid levels, among others.

Make sure to let your doctor know if you’re spotting or bleeding between periods and, unless directed otherwise, do not take aspirin while menstruating, as it can cause you to bleed more and for a longer amount of time.  You may be told to get some bed rest if you’re bleeding heavily.  One method of keeping track of your period normalities and irregularities is to keep a menstrual cycle calendar and record the amount of feminine hygiene products you use each month.  This is important information to relay to your doctor when you report abnormal periods.  Depending on the findings of your pelvic exam and answers to a series of questions asked by your physician, management of bleeding or spotting between periods may vary.



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