Vaginal Flatulence—A Cause For Concern?

Vaginal Flatulence—A Cause For Concern?

Vaginal flatulence or, queefing, is a common experience for women.  It can be an unwelcome interruption if you’re in the middle of toe-curling lovemaking.  Many women consider it embarrassing because it sounds as if they’re passing gas through their anus.  Queefing is not anything to feel shame about, as some women do.  Here are some frequently asked questions about queefing:

  1. What exactly is a queef? – Vaginal flatulence happens when trapped air is pushed out of the vagina. A lot of air can get trapped in there, as the vagina isn’t simply straight.  The folds in the vagina, called rugae, are similar to wrinkles and can be good traps.
  2. When does queefing occur? – When the vagina is penetrated (a penis moving in and out of it, for example) it can displace the air inside. Queefing can happen during sex, exercise, or various times you’re in a particular position and moving around.
  3. Should there be any concern when this happens? – There are no health consequences that come with queefing. As far as air and the vagina are concerned, there is something that’s a little related to be mindful about.  That is, don’t blow air into a pregnant woman’s vagina.  It’s possible that an air embolism could occur if air gets into the pelvic veins.  It’s not common, but possible.  Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale Medical School says, “I’ve been out of medical school for almost 40 years and have never had a case of that.”
  4. What should be done if queefing happens during sex? – Since there’s no way that is known to keep queefs at bay, it’s best to accept that they are a natural part of a woman’s experience. Maybe, if you have a discussion with your intimate partner about the topic, you’ll feel better.  After all, they probably realize what’s happening anyway.



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