5 Ways Sex Affects Our Brain

5 Ways Sex Affects Our Brain

Scientists are working hard to understand how our brains and sex are connected.  A better understanding of how our brains are affected by sex can improve the act and possibly enable us to understand more about our health in other areas.  Read on for some information that has been discovered:

It’s like a drug

This likely comes as no surprise.  Most of us love the feeling sex gives us.  That’s why we want more; we crave it and we look for others with whom we’d enjoy lovemaking.  We receive pleasure from sex when dopamine is released, which is also one of the chemicals involved in the high people feel on certain drugs.

Sex can act like a downer

This seems counterintuitive.  While we may feel amazing during the act, researchers say there is something called postcoital dysphoria or “post-sex blues”.  One study shows that one third of the women who participated reported having this experience at some point in their life.  Researchers are currently unable to explain the link–not ruling out feelings of coercion or regret playing a part.

It’s a pain reliever

If you really have a headache, you may not want to pass on sex.  Research shows that sex may relieve headache symptoms.

Sex can cause memory loss

It’s not common, but some people experience what is called “global transient amnesia”, a temporary loss of memory that comes on suddenly.  This condition can be triggered by vigorous sex, minor head injuries, pain, emotional stress, jumping into hot or cold water and medical procedures.  The amnesia can last a few minutes up to a few hours.  These episodes make it impossible for the individual to form new memories or remember recent events.

It has calming effects

Scientists believe that sex makes people sleepy (men more so than women) because after ejaculation, the prefrontal cortex winds down.  This is more intense with the release of the combination of serotonin and oxytocin.

Now that you know what scientists know about sex and your brain, hopefully you’ll understand your brain’s responses at various times!



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