Symptoms That Are Potentially Serious for Women

Symptoms That Are Potentially Serious for Women

It’s true…we put our body’s aches and pains on the backburner, with our busy lives and schedules on the front.  It’s not as if we’ll ever understand what’s going on anyway.  Unfortunately, this way of thinking can lead to more harm than good.  There are some potentially dangerous symptoms that women experience that need to be addressed.  Don’t go on unaware.  Read on to learn about some of the symptoms women cannot afford to ignore.

Major fatigue
You may pass it off as a side effect of having a busy, multi-tasking life, but extreme fatigue can signal a variety of issues such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, depression and sometimes cancer or congestive heart failure.  Speak with your doctor if you’re not able to regain energy through sleep, exercise and diet.

Pain in the abdomen
Of course, slight stomach discomfort every once in awhile is normal, but constant stomach aches and bloating are problems. It might be gas, but it can also mean a stomach ulcer or appendicitis.  Sometimes it may signify gallbladder issues.  So, don’t hesitate to see a medical professional, immediately, to rule out any dangerous problems.

Chest pain
It should be well known that chest pain or pressure needs to be taken seriously.  Chest pain caused by heart disease is called “angina”.  Pain isn’t always an indication of a heart attack, but it might mean that you have coronary heart disease.  Seek immediate medical attention if you experience pain or pressure in your chest.

Pain during sexual intercourse
Painful sex can mean a number of things for women.  Vaginal infection, hormonal changes and endometriosis are some gynecological problems linked to a painful sexual experience.

Terrible headaches
Persistent headaches may indicate a serious problem for women. Sometimes, a migraine could be the culprit.  There’s also a possibility that headaches are a symptom of an infection in the brain, a stroke, tumor or aneurysm.  Speak with your doctor if you’re unable to get rid of your headaches.

Breast lumps
If you notice a lump in your breast, of course your mind is going to tell you it could be breast cancer. It’s also possible that it’s a benign lump or a cyst.  Either way, it needs to be looked at right away.

Sleep issues
It’s common to have a night, here and there, where you don’t sleep well.  But, a more serious health problem may exist if this is happening time and time again.  Women entering menopause commonly have trouble sleeping.  If sleep disturbances are coupled with trouble breathing, this could be a symptom of something cardiac-related, such as a heart attack, a heart muscle that has weakened or asthma.  Good sleep is a foundation for women’s health.  Speak with your doctor to get to the bottom of this unpleasant issue.



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