Change the Menu for a Better Sex Life!

Change the Menu for a Better Sex Life!

Is your sex life lacking something, but you’re not sure what to blame? Maybe the first things that come to mind have to do with how you get along with your partner, outside stresses tiring you out, the occasional headache, or even your own fluctuating hormones. But have you ever considered looking at your diet? Your libido can be affected by being overweight and a number of other diet-related factors. Read on to learn what foods you should be eating for a better sex life.


It’s filled with allicin, which increases blood flow, which is incredibly important for your libido. (Just brush your teeth before kissing).


This vegetable is packed with folic acid, which can increase the production of histamine, making climax more easy for both women and men.


Ginger has the ability to stimulate blood flow and make your erogenous zones a lot more sensitive.


They have long been known as a sexy food to eat and their protein content can promote stamina. Oysters have also been known to increase the production of testosterone, which raises the sex drive for both women and men.


This fruit is referred to as “ahuacuatl” or “the testicle tree,” by the Aztecs. Of course it’s going to be a sexy food! Catholic priests in Mexico actually put a ban on the consumption of avocados due to their obvious sexual appearance back in the 16th century.


Chocolate is the ideal treat of Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions, and for good reason. Cacao has phenylethylamine (PEA), which is called “the love chemical”, which encourages dopamine production in the pleasure centers of the brain that peak during climax. Feelings of attraction and euphoria are also brought about by PEA, which go along well with the sedating effects of tryptophan.

The next time you’re planning a romantic dinner, don’t forget to go shopping for some of these ingredients first. Or, if you’re going out to a restaurant, make sure a few of them are on the menu. You won’t regret it!



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