6 Ways to Lower a Sex Drive That Is Too High

6 Ways to Lower a Sex Drive That Is Too High

Everywhere you turn, there’s no shortage of advice on how to increase your libido. But what if you want the opposite to happen? Just like anything else, too much of a sex drive isn’t necessarily a good thing. An increased sex drive is often associated with heightened aggression; for some, it can lead to sex addiction. If you are constantly dealing with an increased sex drive, there are a few things you can do to decrease your libido to keep it under control. Read on to learn how to lower your sex drive and feel better, in general.

Eat chaste tree berry.

This is also known as “monk’s pepper” and is a supplement that has been used for the decrease in sex drive since the Middle Ages. Unlike the majority of herbs, monk’s pepper has retained its use and has been shown over the years to be effective in fighting a high libido.

Fill your diet with soy.

Soy has been proven to reduce levels of testosterone in the body, which also brings down the libido.

Eat a diet that is low-fat.

An increase of testosterone level has been associated with a higher consumption of fat. Cutting down on fats—especially saturated fats—will help decrease your libido.

Avoid animal proteins.

The hormones and proteins found in meats such as turkey, beef, pork, and chicken can contribute to high levels of testosterone.

Exercise a lot.

Working out increases cortisol and reduces testosterone levels. This has been shown in marathon runners, who frequently have testosterone levels that are below average.

There are other things that can reduce your libido that you’ll often hear about, such as high stress and smoking, but they are not recommended for obvious reasons. If you think your sex drive is abnormally high and it’s bothering you, schedule an appointment with your doctor for an examination.



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