Exercise Can Positively Affect a Woman’s Sex Drive

Exercise Can Positively Affect a Woman's Sex Drive

Most of us exercise to add to part of a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is powerful when it comes to cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, stress relief, and mind/body coordination. Guess what!?! Exercise has also been proven to increase the sex drive for both women and men.

Exercise can have a positive effect on a woman’s sex drive. A study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2008 showed that intense exercise that was short-duration (a target heart rate of 70% for 20 minutes) greatly enhanced the genital arousal of women. Another study that was published in the same journal in 2007 discovered a connection between increased body awareness and heightened perceptions of arousal. “Exercise could feasibly increase body awareness via increased bodily sensations (e.g., increased heartbeat and muscle tension),” concluded the researchers.

We know that exercise reduces stress, increases energy, helps with weight loss, aids in preventing injury, and improves performance. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, just remember that exercise positively affects both the male and female sex drive. This might motivate you to exercise more often. A reduced waistline and more shapely and toned body may lead to greater self-esteem, which may result in an increased interest in sex.

While it’s great to have an increased sex drive as a motivator for more workout sessions, it’s a good idea to have additional exercise goals such as stress relief and body strength to keep the program timely and relevant.

Those who are in healthy relationships might want to consider using exercise as a tool to strengthen the sexual part of their relationship. This might make it easier to comply with an exercise program. Sex can be a cardiovascular activity that is included in a fitness program of a couple as the duration and frequency of intimate encounters is increased.



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