How To: Choosing Lingerie That Men Love

How To: Choosing Lingerie That Men Love

If you’re interested in a man’s opinion about what lingerie to wear, you’re in luck. Read on to learn what Abraham Lloyd, a dating blogger, has to say about how to go about choosing lingerie that men love.

Stick with simple colors.

Black and white with a little bit of color to accentuate shape and curves is elegant, hot, and feeds the mood. But skin-toned or bright colors are not. He says men want to see what women are wearing and follow the curves of her body. Distractions are less than ideal when it comes to this.

Make sure it fits well/don’t force sizes.

It’s important for a woman to feel wonderful in her outfit. It’s difficult to do that when straps and thongs are being adjusted, and scratching occurs because the outfit itches. Picking, scratching, and pulling are things noticed from far away.

Keep it simple.

Or, make it more complicated with a plan. A mood can be killed if a man is attempting to take off complicated garments. Don’t assume that he knows how to unsnap, untie, unzip, or unbuckle anything in the correct order to get you undressed. Keep it simple instead, or know how to take it off yourself. Men often love watching a woman undress after foreplay.

Don’t forget to accessorize.

Remember to accessorize with jewelry or shoes. Not much is sexier than a woman in lingerie and heels and a necklace. Keeping the accessories on when everything else comes off is hot. Now when he sees you in your choice of accessories, he’ll wonder what else you’re wearing.

Know what works for your body.

Know how to accentuate and flatter the shape of your body and wear what makes you look and feel sexy, confident, and beautiful. Avoid trying to wear something that doesn’t flatter your body. Keep in mind that men tend to process things visually, so they don’t read that much into effort, subtext, or intent. Wear what would make you look amazing instead of what you think men want you to wear. Men want you to look sexy and own it, and to get excited seeing you that way!



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