4 Reasons Why Your Breasts May Be in Pain

4 Reasons Why Your Breasts May Be in Pain

Our bodies are often trying to tell us something, so it’s important to listen. This includes the breasts, of course, which are made of ducts and lobes, lymph glands, fat, and fibrous tissue. Sometimes the breasts shrink or swell, and we have no idea why. They might even be in pain sometimes. There are a lot of typical things that can cause tenderness or pain in the breasts. Here are four reasons your breasts might feel “off”:

It’s That Time of The Month

Throughout the month, the breasts change in harmony with the menstrual cycle. Hormones fluctuate just before your period. Estrogen makes breast ducts larger and progesterone causes swelling of the milk glands. Tender and swollen breasts are often the result. One’s diet can worsen matters. An increase in discomfort may be experienced by consuming alcohol, caffeine, and salty and fatty foods. You may find some ease in your discomfort by switching to a bra without underwire during this time of the month.

You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra

Are you wearing a bra that is ill-fitting or has an underwire? One survey found that 64 percent of women do not wear the correct size bra. Ill-fitting bras poke, pinch, and aggravate your breasts, possibly causing tenderness and sore spots. Invest in a proper bra fitting and go bra-free when possible.

You’re Being Too Rough

Your breasts are very sensitive. Even a whack from an elbow can leave a mark on them. Chest presses, high-impact cardio, or weight lifting can make your breasts feel very sore because your pectoral muscles are underneath your breasts. Remember to wear a sports bra during workouts and treat your breasts with care.


Sometimes breast sensitivity can be caused by SSRIs (a class of antidepressants) and other medications. Also, the hormones in birth control pills are known for causing breast changes. Be sure to have a discussion with your doctor about possibly taking some over-the-counter pain relievers to help you with your symptoms while you’re taking any of these medications.



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