5 Misconceptions about Squirting


Squirting is the ejection of fluid through and around the urethra either before or during an orgasm. A lot of women want to be able to ejaculate, but they aren’t sure how, and others are able to easily and every time. Read on to learn myths about squirting and female ejaculation that need to be debunked.

Myth #1 – It’s Urine

A lot of experts say that what comes out during female ejaculation is urine, but women who actually squirt say otherwise. The smell and taste are not like pee, according to many. Research on this topic has not been consistent. Researchers determined that the fluid that comes out during orgasm displayed all of the characteristics of prostate plasma and not urine. This made them come to the conclusion that it may be proof that the place where the fluid comes from (the Paraurethral/Skene’s gland) functions as prostate glands in a woman.

Myth #2 – “Gushing” and “Squirting” Are the Same Thing as Female Ejaculation

When the topic of female ejaculation comes up, gushing and squirting are often used interchangeably. But they are actually different. “Squirting” or “gushing” (often seen in porn) is the expulsion of clear fluid from the urinary bladder, while it has been suggested that female ejaculation — if it’s “real” — includes the release of a whitish, thick fluid from the Skene’s gland.

Myth #3 – It’s Caused by G-Spot Stimulation

Stimulating the G-spot might lead to female ejaculation for some, but for others it may do nothing. The Skene’s gland is on the back wall of the vagina and near the low end of the urethra. It might be bear or part of the G-spot. There is a lot of confusion about the G-spot still, and some women may not have ever found theirs.

Myth #4 – Women Who Are Able to Ejaculate Experience More Pleasure

This isn’t necessarily true. Some women may claim that their wet orgasms are better than their dry ones, but do what works for you. Embrace the fact that you love your dry orgasms if you’re unable to have wet ones.

Myth #5 – What’s Shown in Porn is Real

Porn gives us a lot of sexual expectations, but it’s often unrealistic. When you see a major amount of fluid coming out of a woman’s vagina in a porn video, know that this can be faked by having a woman pee on camera or by putting water in the vagina before it’s time to film. It’s been said by many women that it’s easiest for them to ejaculate when they’re relaxed and most women report they cannot do it on command.



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