6 Things to Do When You’re Not Getting the Sex You Want

6 Things to Do When You're Not Getting the Sex You Want

Sometimes sex and passion become less intense and frequent as a relationship progresses. It’s normal. But it’s possible to keep things more passionate if you’re not getting the sex you want. Both you and your partner deserve to have your needs met. Here are some tips you can follow to be well on your way to more sexual fulfillment:

Carve Out the Time

It’s important to make time to be intimate with your partner to give the libido a chance to show up. Perhaps you might want to speak with your partner about attempting to make time once a week to be intimate. This doesn’t just mean sex, but to massage each other, talk, cuddle, and more. Request that they make the time to relax with you, allowing themselves to become interested in sex.

Get a Medical Check-up

A variety of medical issues and medications can affect the sex drive, so it’s important to rule any of that out.

No Pressure

If you and your partner are constantly worried about sex, it will make the situation feel even worse. Attempt to take it in stride.

Find Out What’s Distracting You

Maybe it’s a new job that is overwhelming — it’s common. Or, perhaps your partner is trying to catch up on the things they neglected when you two were in your honeymoon phase. Maybe one of you feels that your relationship is stable enough and intimacy doesn’t need to be worked on as much as things such as income.

Discuss Your Expectations

Be honest with your partner while having a discussion about your sexual expectations. You may find it helpful to write it all down to keep the message from getting lost in emotion if you find the two of you have different expectations.

Define Your Relationship, if You Haven’t

For example, are you monogamous, do you want this to last a long time, or are you trying to keep it casual? Your partner may think this amount of sex is enough for you if you haven’t actually had a discussion about what you’re both looking for in a relationship. You deserve the kind of relationship you want and sex life, too, so you’ll want to make sure you’re on the same page as your partner.



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