Steps for Introducing ‘Sexual Aids’ in Your Relationship

Steps for Introducing 'Sexual Aids' in Your Relationship

There are a lot of different ways for you and your partner to enhance sexual enjoyment. Some couples prefer to use what is often referred to as a “sexual aid”. Sure, sex toys such as dildos and vibrators probably come to mind, but the term includes a lot more than that. A sexual aid is anything that will either create or increase sexual stimulation or pleasure. This can mean special clothing, lubricants, sex toys, erotica, restraints for bondage, and more. Read on to learn how you can incorporate sexual aids into your sex life.

Choose What You Want
Be sure to take some time to consider what you want to add to the bedroom. Include your partner in the decision-making, especially if you’re going to be using it with them. Keep in mind that it’s OK to choose something that either of you are open to trying, but might not be sure about. You won’t know until you try.

Be Free of Expectations
You’ll only set yourself and your partner up for disappointment if you anticipate that adding something new to your sexual routine will have a certain result. Keep an open mind going into the experience.

Try it Out On Your Own
There are some exceptions, but most sexual aids can be used while you’re masturbating, so you can try them out on your own first. Trying it out yourself may increase your chances of success when you introduce it to your partner.

Find out the variety of things you can do with your sexual aid and be creative, using your entire body, if possible. Allow yourself plenty of time to discover a few ways to make use of your new toy or other aid.

Share your knowledge with your partner. If you want to incorporate this new sexual aid into sex, let you partner see how you’ve been using it to pleasure yourself. Invite your partner to explore on their own and then show you what they have learned.

Now is the time to try it out with your partner. Have fun playing and discovering ways you can use your new sexuall aid during sex. This might involve new activities or positions that you haven’t ever tried, depending on what you’re using.

Be sure to express how your prefer that the two of you use your sexual aid and encourage your partner to communicate this, as well. Enjoy!


Couples Who Sleep Well Together Are More Satisfied



Some couples have a few secrets to their happiness that many others could learn from. One thing that a majority have in common is shared bedtimes and synchronized alarm clocks. A study showed that the way couples sleep together is affected by how satisfied they are with their marriage.  The couples who participated showed that they were awake or asleep in their shared bed approximately 75 percent of the time.  The women who synced their sleep closer with their husbands’ felt more satisfaction in their marriage.

Study findings regarding sleep habits and relationships

  • Sleeping back-to-back –that is, rather than facing the same direction or each other, is best. This has been indicated in a recent study by University of Hertfordshire in the U.K. The same study also revealed that no matter the position, couples who sleep an inch apart are happier than those who sleep 30 inches apart.  Significantly more couples who touched their partners while falling asleep said they were satisfied in their relationship than those who didn’t.
  • Getting a good night of sleep is essential. A night of poor sleep can cause problems in a relationship.  After a night of tossing and turning, couples are more likely to get into arguments the following day.  In addition, couples are less likely to be able to understand their partner’s emotions and think and feel more negatively, which makes conflicts more intense.  Another study revealed that not getting enough sleep can cause couples to be less appreciative towards each other and it shows the following day.
  • A study funded by the National Institutes of Health showed that women in marriages might be more vulnerable to the adverse effects caused by a lack of sleep than their husbands. Men aren’t as likely to start negative interactions with their wives after a night of poor sleep.

It appears that sleep is more important than merely being a personal health benefit.  Taking in some of these findings should be a helpful start towards improving your sleep habits, along with your partner’s, and ultimately improving your relationship satisfaction.

4 Adventurous Tips for Better Sex

4 Adventurous Tips for Better Sex

Having great sex is really simple. But having great sex doesn’t always mean the act has to be vanilla. Breaking out of your standard sex routine can make it more fun, more relaxed, and more pleasurable. If you and your partner are bored, looking for a new adventure, or just trying to add a little spice to the bedroom, these four tips will definitely change the way you continue to have sex.

#1 Costumes Really Enhance Your Sex Life
Plenty know firsthand what it’s like to dress up and have sex.  Ask any of them and they are sure to tell you that when it comes to sexual health, having an active sex life is key.  And in regards to spicing things up, a costume can go a long way in shifting from routine sex to sex so good that you’ll want to have it every day.

#2 Wear High Heels
Wearing high heels all throughout the day may make your feet hurt, but when it comes to sex, these types of shoes will elongate your legs and lift up your butt, making many sexual positions feel better than you ever imagined.

#3 Learn Everything You Can About Your Body
The best way to learn what pleases you is by playing with yourself.  After you pinpoint the sexual positions and foreplay activities that you turn you on the most, share them with your partner.  And don’t forget that you’ll want to ask your partner for his sexual activity preferences as well.  Just think about it, the better the two of you can please one another, the healthier your sex life will be.

#4 Foreplay to Sex, Sex to Foreplay
Just because you’ve completed your foreplay session and moved on to intercourse doesn’t mean you can’t switch back to foreplay.  An impending orgasm is always so much better the longer you put off your climax.

What Type of Condom Should You Use?

What Type of Condom Should You Use?

Whether you’re having sex with someone new for the first time or you’re enjoying a sexual encounter with your husband for the 1,000th time, it’s always a good idea to break out the condoms.  While many people say that wearing a condom takes away from the pleasure sensation of having sex, there are many others who testify that this type of protection actually enhances sex. The best way to find out which type of condoms you and your partner should be using is by trying several of them and then choosing which ones you like the best. Here’s a quick look at various types of condoms you or your partner should wear next time the two of you have sex.


Back in the olden days, condoms weren’t made out of latex.  Instead, they were made from animal intestines.  There are still some condoms today that are made out of animals, such as lambskin.  Although this provide an ultra sensitive feel, they do not protect against STDs.


Latex condoms are renowned for preventing pregnancy and STDs, and best of all, latex ones can stretch, which is especially beneficial for men who have a large penis.  But it’s important to keep in mind that latex condoms should not be mixed with oil because it could cause the condoms to break or slip off the penis.  This could even result in the condom slipping off while the penis is in your vagina.


There are a variety of condoms on the market that have spermicide on them, with the purpose of killing sperm more effectively than other types.  But do remember when using these condoms that they are more likely to tear, and its also important to note that many women and men have allergic reactions to these type of condoms.


If you’re looking for a way to enjoy an abundance of pleasure, then textured condoms will be perfect.  From dotted to studded to ribbed, these types of condoms make sex all the more enjoyable.

Thin condoms

Condoms come in an assortment of thicknesses.  The thinner, the better the sex will feel, and fortunately, latex condoms that are ultra thin are just as effective as thick ones.

Female condoms

When having sex with your partner, don’t be fooled into thinking that only your partner can wear condoms.  There are condoms that are specifically made for females, and best of all, there are those that are made to give you more feeling and pleasure in your g-spot, which ultimately leads to more orgasms.

Shared Pleasure

Sex should be something that is enjoyed by both you and your partner, so why not use a condom that is made to enhance pleasure for the both of you?  With shared pleasure condoms, both of you are more likely to enjoy an orgasm.

The Difficulty with Talking about Sex

The Difficulty with Talking about SexSex largely influences the health of a relationship.

For couples who choose to abstain from sex, this is perfectly fine as long as both parties have came to the same agreement. But for everyone else — the majority who do have sex — it is imperative that both parties be sexually satisfied.  To do this, there may come a few times when a couple needs to sit down and talk about their sexual wants, needs, and desires.

Even though talking about sex is a bit uncomfortable, it’s still important that couples communicate their sexual concerns and wants with one another.  When it comes to talking, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

#1) Don’t talk about sex while having sex.
Sex is meant to be enjoyed!  It’s not a time to have a full-fledged conservation with one another, expressing how so and so could be doing something better. Instead, talking about sex should take place in a private setting with no interruptions, such as while cooking dinner or driving to the grocery store.

#2) It’s not nice to tell someone they aren’t doing something right.
If there is a certain thing that a person isn’t doing correctly in bed, then the other person should point out how the person can do it better. But it’s not okay to pinpoint the person for doing something wrong. This only leads to lowered self-confidence, which decreases sex drive, and it will cause the person to become very frustrated.

#3) Don’t interrupt!
When one party is talking, the other one needs to sit back and listen intently. Sex conversations are usually very personable and deep because a person will be delving into his or her feelings. It’s pertinent that the couple listens to one another and respects the other person’s thoughts and concerns.

If talking about sex with a partner becomes too uncomfortable, there’s always the option to visit a marriage or sex counselor.  This person can mediate the conversations in a way that makes it easier to talk about sex.

Sex After Pregnancy: Overcoming the Pain

Sex After Pregnancy: Overcoming the PainMany women have satisfying sex lives with their partners. However, for some of them, after having a child, their sex lives go downhill and it’s not only hormones that play a part, but there’s also the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and birth that sometimes make sex painful.

Many physicians will give a woman the okay to have sex about six weeks after giving birth. Still, it’s not uncommon for a woman to take a year or more to regain her normal sex drive. It’s not so much that a woman doesn’t love her husband or that she’s not attracted to him. It’s more about the fact that she tends to view sex as a chore, and being that she’s so busy taking care of the baby, she may find that regardless of what her husband does — tries to hold her hand, kisses her, brings her flowers — these actions strike up the thought of sex, and she immediately goes into ‘no sex mode.’

It is pertinent that a couple establish ‘no sex times’ where they are intimate with one another. This will help a woman to not feel under the constant pressure to always be up and ready for sex at anytime. And then during those moments when she is ready, she’ll be more relaxed, which is imperative if she is experiencing any pain during intercourse.

There are also many other ways to decrease the pain of intercourse after having a child. Hope Ricciotti, MD, highly suggests that women use lubricant during the first few months after giving birth because the vagina will likely endure natural dryness, making it extremely tender. Some women develop vaginal keloidal scars, which can lead to painful intercourse so severe that it becomes traumatic. There are creams and surgical treatment methods that can be performed to remove these scars.

Another way to reduce pain during intercourse is to use positions that don’t put extreme pressure on any problematic areas, such as where the stitches are. The woman-on-top position is a common preferred postpartum sexual pick that reduces pain as well as the side-to-side position.

The important thing to remember is that a woman’s desire to have sex is largely influenced by any pain.  If the pain is too uncomfortable or unbearable, then medical treatment may be needed.

Improve Your Sex Life with an Adult-Only Vacation

Improve Your Sex Life with an Adult-Only VacationFrom work, to children, to mental and physical health, there are many factors that influence the well-being of a woman’s relationship with her significant other.  And while a large percent of marriages end in divorce, there are many of them that last for many years. To maintain a healthy relationship, it is essential that a woman and her partner have pleasurable sexual experiences with one another.  In order to this, both parties need to keep the spark alive — communicate, respect, spend time together.  Fortunately, a great way to achieve this goal is by taking an adult-only vacation every once in awhile. Here’s a quick look at how taking vacations (without the kiddos) can be of benefit to any marriage.

Have Fun Together

When two people start dating, they take part in activities that are of interest to them. From riding fourwheelers, to swimming in a local lake, to watching movies together, all of these activities help the couple get to know one another. However, as time passes by, having fun together becomes entrenched with routine, and slowly but surely, going out on dates falls to the bottom of the to-do list.  Going on a vacation gets couples back in the swing of doing these things together  — hitting up the beach, hiking, visiting amusement parks and much more.

Focus Only on Each Other

Married couples who have children rarely find time to focus all of their attention on just one another. With an adult-only vacation, though, several days can be spent together where each person gets to know the other person all over again.  This valuable time spent together where there are no kiddos causing distractions helps to enhance a couple’s intimacy to the max. Conversations will take place that can’t be discussed in front of the children. Affection can be displayed that wouldn’t have otherwise been shown. And most importantly, the spark can be rejuvenated.

Explore New Interests

Going on an adult-only vacation means a couple will have plenty of time to be intimate with one another. And being that there will be no pressure of work or taking care of the kids, inhibitions will likely be lowered (especially if a couple of drink have been consumed). All of this translates into optimal opportunities for a couple to explore their sexual interests with one another, foreplay, new positions, etc.

Next time you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, sit back and think for a second about the last time you took a vacation with your partner without the kids.  If it’s been awhile, you should definitely book a weekend getaway, or perhaps even a two-week cruise.